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ESGAR presents

Junior ESGAR Summer School (JESS)

July 1 – 5, 2024

Nice, France

Deadline has expired. Congratulations to the successful applicants.

Workshop Date

July 1 - 5, 2024

Workshop Venue

Mouratoglou Hôtel & Resort
3550 Route des Dolines
06410 Biot, France

Workshop Language

The workshop will be held in English.



Local Organiser

Prof. Maxime Ronot
Beaujon Hospital
Clichy, France

Workshop Faculty

R.H. Beets-Tan, Amsterdam/NL
G. Brancatelli, Palermo/IT
R. Cannella, Palermo/IT
P. Copin, Clichy/FR
S. Gourtsoyianni, Athens/GR
I. Millet, Montpellier/FR
M. Ronot, Clichy/FR
D. Tolan, Leeds/UK
F. Vernuccio, Palermo/IT
V. Vilgrain, Clichy/FR
M. Wagner, Paris/FR
M. Zins, Paris/FR


The J-ESGAR Summer School is dedicated to advancing GI imaging among emerging radiologists and senior residents. Its primary objective is to enhance and standardize educational quality in GI radiology across Europe. Additionally, the Summer School aims to foster a nurturing environment that encourages collaboration and knowledge exchange among young European radiologists, furthering both their educational and research endeavours.

The Summer School is structured as an intensive five-day program, aligning with the GI sub-specialty European curriculum. It employs innovative educational methods, such as small group teachings and case-based discussions, to ensure a dynamic and engaging learning experience. Interactivity is a key component, facilitated by experienced tutors from the ESGAR faculty, which includes both senior and junior ESGAR fellows. To continuously improve the program, a post-course evaluation questionnaire will be distributed. This feedback will help identify areas for further training and guide the development of future educational offerings.

Target Group:
Senior residents (3rd to 5th year) or young fellows, up to 35 years.

Application process:
Participation at the J-ESGAR Summer School (JESS) is by application only. The number of available places is limited.
Please send your application together with a motivation letter and your current CV (please use the ESGAR CV template).

After submitting the application, participants will receive a notification via e-mail about the status of their application, and whether participation is confirmed by mid-March. If the application was successful, the participation fee must be paid in advance to confirm registration. Payment instructions will be sent, once your application has been approved.
Kindly note, that a maximum number of 30 participants will be allowed.

The Following selection criteria will apply:

  • Age limit: 35 years
  • Current CV
  • Letter of motivation
  • Year of residency in radiology / year of fellowship – letter of resident status
  • The Summer School is for ESGAR members only! Make sure to balance your membership fee for 2024
  • Diversity and inclusivity: To achieve diversity within the course, regional and gender balance will be taken into consideration.
  • Returning participants Second- or third-time participants can apply according to the above criteria, but priority will be given to those who have not previously participated in a Summer School.
  • Time of application: If all above criteria are met and we have too many participants, time of application will be taken into consideration!

Application is closed.


Monday, July 1, 2024

14:00   Welcome lunch
15:00Course introduction
15:20Pancreatic adenocarcinomaM. Zins, Paris/FR
15:40Case reviewM. Zins, Paris/FR
16:20Coffee Break 
16:50PancreatitisM. Zins, Paris/FR
17:10Case reviewM. Zins, Paris/FR
17:50Rectal cancer staging with MRI R.H. Beets-Tan, Amsterdam/NL
18:10Case discussionR.H. Beets-Tan, Amsterdam/NL
19:30Welcome Drink
20:00Dinner at the venue

Tuesday, July 2, 2024

09:00   Rectal cancer MRI restaging – response assessment          R.H. Beets-Tan, Amsterdam/NL
09:20Case reviewR.H. Beets-Tan, Amsterdam/NL
10:00Benign focal liver lesions G. Brancatelli, Palermo/IT
10:20Case reviewG. Brancatelli, Palermo/IT
11:00Coffee break
11:30Primary liver cancerV. Vilgrain, Clichy/FR
11:50Case reviewV. Vilgrain, Clichy/FR
13:30Cirrhosis and portal hypertensionG. Brancatelli, Palermo/IT
13:50Case reviewG. Brancatelli, Palermo/IT
14:30Vascular liver disordersV. Vilgrain, Clichy/FR
14:50Case reviewV. Vilgrain, Clichy/FR
15:30Coffee break
16:00Visit to Nice
19:30Dinner at Mama Shelter

Wednesday, July 3, 2024

09:00   Liver metastasesM. Ronot, Clichy/FR
09:20Case reviewM. Ronot, Clichy/FR
10:00Pancreatic Cystic LesionP. Copin, Clichy/FR  
10:20Case reviewP. Copin, Clichy/FR  
11:00Coffee break
11:30Inflammatory bowel diseasesD. Tolan, Leeds/UK
11:50Case reviewD. Tolan, Leeds/UK
13:30Anal and perianal diseasesD. Tolan, Leeds/UK
13:50Case reviewD. Tolan, Leeds/UK
14:30Oesophagus and gastric cancer  M. Wagner, Paris/FR
14:50Case review

M. Wagner, Paris/FR

15:30Psychological influences inteam dynamics: improving interactionsD. Tolan, Leeds/UK
16:15Free afternoon at the pool
20:00Dinner at the venue

Thursday, July 4, 2024

09:00   Acute mesenteric ischemiaM. Ronot, Clichy/FR
09:20Case reviewM. Ronot, Clichy/FR
10:00Bowel occlusionI. Millet, Montpellier/FR
10:20Case reviewI. Millet, Montpellier/FR
11:00Coffee break
11:30Other abdominal emergenciesM. Wagner, Paris/FR
11:50Case reviewM. Wagner, Paris/FR
13:30Abdominal traumaI. Millet, Montpellier/FR
13:50Case reviewI. Millet, Montpellier/FR
14:30Visit to Fondation Maeght
19:00Dinner at the Rigatoni Bistro

Friday, July 5, 2024

09:00   Tricky case-based contest IM. Ronot, Clichy/FR
S. Gourtsoyianni, Athens/GR
R. Cannella, Palermo/IT
F. Vernuccio, Palermo/IT
11:00Tricky case-based contest IIM. Ronot, Clichy/FR
S. Gourtsoyianni, Athens/GR
R. Cannella, Palermo/IT
F. Vernuccio, Palermo/IT
12:30Coffee break
13:00Tricky case-based contest IIIM. Ronot, Clichy/FR
S. Gourtsoyianni, Athens/GR
R. Cannella, Palermo/IT
F. Vernuccio, Palermo/IT

Participation Fee

Once the application is approved, a participation fee of € 990,00 needs to be settled to confirm participation.

This fee includes:

  • Participation in all sessions
  • Hotel accommodation for 4 nights in a shared room (max 2 persons per room), arrival Monday, July 1, departure Friday, July 5
  • Breakfasts
  • Lunches
  • Dinners
  • Coffee breaks
  • Final programme
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Leisure activities according to the programme

Attendance in all educational sessions is mandatory.

Kindly note, participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements and transfers from and to the airport in Nice.

City Information

Nice, nestled along the azure shores of the French Riviera, captivates visitors with its enchanting blend of Mediterranean elegance and vibrant energy. The city's historic Old Town, with its narrow cobblestone streets and pastel-hued buildings, exudes a charming provincial charm, while the Promenade des Anglais beckons with its sun-kissed beaches and panoramic views of the glittering Mediterranean Sea. Renowned for its artistic flair, delectable cuisine, and a rich tapestry of cultural experiences, Nice effortlessly combines Old World allure with a modern, cosmopolitan vibe.

Language: French

Time zone: UTC+1

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Electricity: 220 – 240 V

Country dialing code: +33

Closest airport: Nice Côte d'Azur Airport

Deadline has expired. Congratulations to the successful applicants.