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Who we are

Please let us introduce “Young ESGAR (YE)”, an exciting initiative to promote active participation of young members within the vibrant ESGAR community. The main goal of Young ESGAR is to generate a forum of enthusiastic young members to represent the interests of young residents, radiologists and researchers within ESGAR. We aim to create an informal and interactive platform to network, exchange ideas and help shape the future of ESGAR.

Since the launch in 2019 over 100 young ESGAR members from more than 25 different countries worldwide have joined Young ESGAR and now form a dynamic community.

Young ESGAR Coordinating Team

Young ESGAR is currently coordinated by an international team of 12 YE members who are also representing YE as delegates in the research, educational, workshop and membership committees:

Doenja Lambregts, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Nino Bogveradze, Tbilisi, Georgia    
Roberto Cannella, Palermo, Italy
Damiano Caruso, Rome, Italy
Francesca Castagnoli, London, United Kingdom
Katja De Paepe, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Marta Duczkowska, Copenhagen, Denmark
Verena Obmann, Bern, Switzerland
Caecilia Reiner, Zurich, Switzerland
Carmelo Sofia, Messina, Italy
Federica Vernuccio, Palermo, Italy    
Ana Villanueva Campos, Madrid, Spain

Young ESGAR Activities

Young ESGAR organises a range of (online) activities and is actively involved in the ESGAR annual meeting programme:

Research Mentorship Programme

Young ESGAR is involved in the ESGAR Research Mentorship Programme that was launched in 2020-2021 and then re-launched as a peer-to-peer mentoring programme in 2022-2023.


The Young ESGAR anatomy e-Tutorials are short educational videos that are designed to make anatomy fun again!


This webinar lectures and case presentations for residents and young radiologists are held by Young ESGAR members and moderated by experienced ESGAR Faculty members.

ESGAR Annual Meetings

Young ESGAR helps organise the School of ESGAR (SOE)sessions, as well as the Tricky Cases and the online Cases of the day quiz. YE also organises the “Speed mentoring sessions” where residents can interact with senior mentors from the ESGAR faculty in an informal setting.

Social events

Young ESGAR organises different events such as the “Young ESGAR Aperitivo” during the ESGAR Annual Meeting and the online “Young ESGAR Pubquiz”.

Become a member of Young ESGAR

Young ESGAR is always happy to welcome new members to join our YE community!

Are you:

  • an ESGAR member in good standing?
  • A junior radiologist, resident, or radiology researcher (preferably <40 years of age)?

And would you like to receive updates on what’s going on with YE, as well as invitations to contribute to any future YE projects and events? 

Then join Young ESGAR (for free) via the following link:

Membership Application

For membership questions or if you would like to help shape the future of Young ESGAR and join us in organising future events, please contact us: