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ESGAR e-Education Portal

Welcome to the ESGAR e-Education Portal which aims to facilitate web-based learning for ESGAR members and deliver high quality multimedia educational material covering the fields of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal radiology. The platform reflects and builds on the longstanding aims of the Society. Materials are regularly updated and new multi-modality features are planned including webinars/webcasts and on-line courses. Look out for updates on the ESGAR website. We very much hope that you enjoy the new ESGAR e-Education portal and welcome feedback in order to further improve your e-learning experience.

e-Education Portal

Case of the Month


The ESGAR tool is updated monthly and currently includes moderated cases from the EuroRad database, a significant number of which are of relevance to the European Diploma in Radiology (EDiR). They are modified to serve as quiz cases and present a specific teaching point relevant in clinical practice. These quiz cases are equally suited for advanced residents preparing for their board examination and for consultant radiologists.

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If members have an interesting case which may be suitable for publication, please e-mail the Central ESGAR Office and your case might be the one published!

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Case of the Month Winners 2024

Congratulations to the Case of the Month Winners, who scored at 100% and answered all questions correctly:

Journal Watch

April 2024

LI-RADS CT and MRI Ancillary Feature Association with Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Malignancy...
Journal Watch by Pedro…

March 2024

Liver imaging and pregnancy...
Journal Watch by Alice Hodgert

February 2024

CT energy spectral parameters of creeping fat in Crohn’s disease...
Journal Watch by Anastasiia Zakharova

January 2024

Should We Report Incidental Low-Density Liver Lesions with Benign Features?
Journal Watch by Helen O’Brien

December 2023

CT Rule-in and Rule-out Criteria for Clinically Significant Portal Hypertension...
Journal Watch by Fabiana Muñoz

November 2023

Gd-EOB MRI for HCC Subtype Differentiation in a Western Population...
Journal Watch by Carlos Silva

September 2023

US Quantification of Liver Fat: Past, Present, and Future
Journal Watch by Adriana Silva

August 2023 (2)

Crohn’s disease phenotype analysis with...
Journal Watch by Antonella Del Gaudio

August 2023 (1)

A retrospective preliminary study of intrapancreatic...
Journal Watch by Andrei Mavroian

July 2023

Understanding Reader Variability...
Journal Watch by Falko Ensle

Young ESGAR e-Academy

In 2022 Young ESGAR has launched their webinar series. The aim of the e-Academy is to provide residents and young radiologists with educational lectures and case presentations on different topics held by Young ESGAR members and moderated by one experienced ESGAR Faculty. During the 45 minutes webinar attendees are invited to interact with the faculty through multiple choice questions and Q&A time.

The e-Academy will be live streamed in a Zoom Webinar format and the registration is free of charge for both ESGAR members and non-members.

Young ESGAR anatomy e-Tutorials

In 2020 Young ESGAR launched their anatomy e-Tutorials. The aim of the e-Tutorials is to provide you with short and to the point educational videos that offer an effective learning experience that is also fun to watch. For each e-Tutorial we have summarised the main learning points in a short PDF file. The first three of our e-Tutorials (focussing on anatomy of the rectum, liver & hepatobiliary tract, and peritoneum) were broadcasted during the ESGAR virtual meeting in May 2020. The last tutorial on the GI Tract was broadcasted during the virtual ESGAR meeting in 2021.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for potential topics to be included in future Young ESGAR e-tutorials, or would like to become a member of Young ESGAR and help us develop them, please contact us via


You can find our currently available e-Tutorial videos and PDFs below:

GI Tract - imaging anatomy
ESGAR 2021


Corresponding summary PDF


Liver - imaging anatomy
ESGAR 2020


Corresponding summary PDF

Peritoneum - imaging anatomy
ESGAR 2020


Corresponding summary PDF

Rectum - imaging anatomy
ESGAR 2020


Corresponding summary PDF